When you purchase a Mazda, you’re getting a vehicle that’s luxurious and affordable at the same time. The fact is that Mazdapays special attention to every little detail. Whether in the quality of their materials, the boldness of their looks or the optimization of their design, Mazda vehicles have been created with attention to detail that’s quite simply remarkable. At Mazda, it isn’t quantity, but rather quality that counts. This is especially evident in the SKYACTIV technologies, which have been created to offer an exhilarating driving experience day in and day out.


The driving pleasure unique to every Mazda vehicle begins with a SKYACTIV engine that’s been fully optimized, for example, by increasing the compression ratio in the combustion chambers to produce more energy than an ordinary vehicle, but without using more fuel. The friction of the rods in the combustion chambers has also been reduced by improving the efficiency of the oil pump. Finally, the exhaust manifold sports a 4-2-1 design, which allows it to increase the compression ratio to its maximum level. All of these elements, which are the result of SKYACTIV technology, work to exponentially increase the vehicle’s energy efficiency, while providing raw power that can be appreciated at any speed.

The SKYACTIV-DRIVE transmission also reflects the Mazda mentality, which aims to rethink every aspect of a component in order to get the very best out of it. The automatic transmission has been designed to be completely in tune with the driver’s wishes. If the driver needs a sudden burst of power, the SKYACTIV-DRIVE transmission, which is lightweight to reduce fuel consumption, but rugged nonetheless, will immediately downshift to respond to this need, while consistently offering gear changes so smooth that they’re nearly imperceptible.

But Mazda has even more surprises in store! Easily maneuverable, thanks to a rigid frame, and safe, thanks to a high-strength steel safety cage, every Mazda vehicle is agile at high speeds and stable at low speeds, thanks to SKYACTIV-CHASSIS steering and suspension.

Do you think that every vehicle drives the same? Come test-drive one of our Mazdas and you’ll immediately discover that driving pleasure is yours for the taking.